Keystone Retaining Wall Systems

For more than 30 years, Keystone Retaining wall Systems has set the worldwide standard for excellence and innovation within the segmental retaining wall industry.

Keystone designed for inner strength and outer beauty. Keystone’s patented interlocking design gives your walls rock-solid stability and performance. Its strong concrete modules and fiberglass pins create maintenance-free walls.

Key Features

  • Open cores
    • Increases vertical drainage through the face units
    • Allows for block interlocking across block interfaces
    • Improves connection strength between blocks and geogrid
    • Improves unit-to-unit shear resistance
  • Versatility
    • Multiple fascia and texture options
    • Near Vertical or battered set-back options are built-in
  • Shape
    • Tapered sides allow easy curves, corners and circles
    • Units have a tail element for easy handing
  • High strength Pin Connection Systems


  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Institution
  • Water
  • Residential
  • Parks & Creation

Limitless Buildability

Keystone Component

Keystone With Many Faces